About FTAL – Fachkonferenz Technik, Architektur und Life Sciences


The Association of Swiss Schools of Engineering, Architecture and Life Sciences (FTAL) welcomes you to the FTAL 2024 conference on Circular Economy.

In recent years, the concept of a circular economy has been widespread, leading a growing number of governmental, societal, and business stakeholders to take major initiatives to find promising cyclical models alternative to the currently widely used linear ones.

The adoption of circular economy is of paramount importance for reducing environmental impact, creating fair economic opportunities, and building valuable models capable of facing challenging global dynamics.


The circular economy offers innovative solutions to face the current socioeconomic and environmental challenges and to create a more sustainable future.

Within this context, the FTAL 2024 Conference on Circular Economy aims to present the state of the art of research, and addresses topics such as resource efficiency, value retention, servitization, localization, circular built environment, circular bioeconomy and other new business, production, and market models.

The conference goals are:

  • Promoting exchanges between the different disciplines encompassed by Circular Economy, offering new insights and research challenges.
  • Receiving new input from international experts to advance the current research.
  • Connecting practitioners and researchers to mutually boost development of grounded theories and their application.
  • Presenting the state-of-the-art of circular frameworks and solutions.

The conference welcomes submissions from researchers, master students from different disciplines and practitioners.

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